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Interview with Neha Raj

Neha Raj, the visionary founder of Booknerds Author Agency and co-founder of Booknerds, has emerged as a prominent figure in the literary landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the world of book marketing and author branding companies in India.

Neha Raj, the visionary founder of Booknerds Author Agency and co-founder of Booknerds, has emerged as a prominent figure in the literary landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the world of book marketing and author branding. With a passion for literature and a keen understanding of the evolving publishing industry, Neha has steered her agency to remarkable success, earning accolades and recognition as one of the top book marketing companies in India.

At the helm of Booknerds Author Agency, Neha Raj has cultivated a team of dedicated professionals committed to elevating authors and their works. The agency specializes in bespoke book marketing and author branding, recognizing the unique needs of each author and tailoring strategies to ensure maximum visibility and success in a crowded market.

Neha's journey in the literary world has been nothing short of inspiring. Her commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a vibrant literary community is reflected in the agency's impressive track record of serving over 250 authors. Through personalized and innovative marketing campaigns, Booknerds Author Agency has helped authors from various genres reach wider audiences, build strong author brands, and achieve their literary goals.

The agency's success under Neha's leadership has not gone unnoticed. Booknerds has been featured prominently in the list of Top Book Marketing Companies of India, a testament to the agency's impact and influence in the publishing industry. Neha's strategic vision, coupled with her deep understanding of the dynamics of book marketing, has positioned Booknerds as a go-to destination for authors seeking effective and tailored promotion for their literary works.

Neha Raj's commitment to the literary community extends beyond her role as the founder of Booknerds Author Agency. As a co-founder of Booknerds, she has played a pivotal role in establishing the agency as a powerhouse in the realm of book marketing and author branding. Her leadership has been instrumental in creating an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and a genuine passion for literature.

In a rapidly evolving publishing landscape, Neha Raj stands out as a trailblazer, guiding authors through the intricacies of book marketing and helping them build enduring author brands. As Booknerds Author Agency continues to thrive under her guidance, Neha's legacy as a visionary in the literary world continues to grow, leaving an indelible imprint on the future of book marketing in India.

1. Can you share the inspiration behind starting Booknerds Author Agency and what motivated you to venture into the world of book marketing and author branding?

>We launched the agency after learning from more than 500 authors.

When you speak to authors and get to know their issues it is much easier to serve them better.

The authors were and are worried about how to reach their prospective readers.

Most of them were worried about whether there were/are readers at all.

The fact is that there are readers, most publisher marketing has failed to reach them by forming communities

We started with community building so we immediately understood that the future is community-based brands and selling.

Thus the idea of launching the agency to create author brands, and communities and thus sell more books!

2. Being featured in the Top Book Marketing Companies of India is a significant accomplishment. What strategies or principles do you believe have contributed to the success and recognition of Booknerds in the industry?

>I think it is because we have been super consistent and worked like a startup experimenting and coming up with crazy ideas.

The right mix of quantity and quality is the ideal concoction.

Our tenet has been that if it sounds too crazy then we are doing it.

Being fearless has worked for us.

People respect you if they see the hustle and hard work.

The accolades mean a lot to us but we don’t take them too seriously,we keep our heads down and keep working hard!

3. With 250+ authors served, Booknerds has a substantial track record. Can you highlight a few success stories or memorable experiences working with authors that stand out to you?

>I think the biggest positive is when authors and readers appreciate you.

Sharing some testimonials

Your hard work, unwavering dedication, and creative brilliance have transformed my book launch and promotions into a remarkable success.

Author Amol Redij

It is a very good platform for discussions.

they focus on the book. the most interesting thing is the manner they organize the discussion. they entertain the topic with very attractive activities like reading, quoting, shayris, intros, deep thoughts, conversations and many more.

Anchit Jain

Booknerds Community Member

4. The landscape of book marketing is constantly evolving. How does Booknerds stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changes in the industry to provide innovative and effective services to authors?

>We are always ready to unlearn and learn.

When the pandemic hit we completely transformed our outlook towards book marketing.

We formed a team of passionate Book Content Creators and started making book videos, memes and more…

The key is to keep learning from the world and listen to what the tech conglomerates are talking about.

The founding team is very aware in that regard.

5. Author branding is a crucial aspect of an author's career. How does Booknerds approach creating unique and compelling author brands, and what role does it play in the overall success of an author's career?

>In 2023 if you don’t have an author brand then you can’t sell for long.

Find your niche.

Get the tech sorted.

Be consistent.

Execute painstakingly.

Preferably form a team around you or outsource.

Form Community.


6. In your experience, what are some common challenges that authors face in terms of marketing their books, and how does Booknerds address these challenges?

>Our job is not only to make content for author.

We make them understand that this is a long game.

Compounding works!

The primary challenges faced by authors revolve around the lack of time to promote their books.

That is the problem we solve.

7. Can you share some insights into the services that Booknerds provides to authors? How do these services cater to the diverse needs of authors at different stages of their careers?

>Some of the services include creating book reels, memes,podcasts, newsletters and many more…

All these services aim at creating a community which the author can call their own

8. The publishing industry has seen a surge in self-published authors. How does Booknerds support indie authors, and what advice do you have for authors navigating the self-publishing journey?

>We serve all kinds of authors but the self-publishing author is the perfect client for us because they are open to experimenting and creating an author brand from scratch.

We dive deep and identify the niche which can drive home book sales for the author and then just be super headstrong and consistent.

9. Collaboration and partnerships can be key to success in the industry. Are there any notable collaborations or partnerships that Booknerds has been involved in that have contributed to the agency's growth and success?

Our collaborations with Penguin, Harper,The Blend Community, Literature Festivals, Schools,Colleges, Brands, Celebrity Authors have proved to be super beneficial for us and them too!

10. Looking ahead, what trends do you foresee in the book marketing and author branding space, and how is Booknerds preparing for these changes to continue providing value to authors?

>We see newsletters and LinkedIn becoming the holy grail for authors of all kind, especially non-fiction.

We are already ahead in terms of including it in our marketing strategy.

Booknerds Authors Agency" is a book marketing agency that specializes in helping authors reach their target audience through organic methods. Whether you're a first-time author or a seasoned pro, our team of book marketing experts will work with you to develop a customized strategy for promoting your book and connecting with readers. From social media campaigns and book reviews to author events and book signings, we'll help you to build a loyal following and increase your visibility in the literary community. Let us help you bring your book to the readers who will love it!

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